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Pamper yourself this winter for less!

Pampering might not seem like a winter essential, but when the winds are blowing and you're spending more time inside than out, it only makes sense to dedicate an afternoon to some rest and revitalization. There is something about the winter that makes us long for a beauty treatment. It could be dry skin from all of the cold.

- Get a relaxing massage with beauty patrol today and feel relaxed , revitalized and refreshed. 

- Massage is great for circulation , relaxation , lymph drainage and removes unwanted toxins in your body. 

- Never go to bed with your makeup on this leads to your pores being blocked and causes spots.

- A face mask this winter in your skin care is great for your skin looking fresh and prevents blocked pores. 

-  My suggestion to all good skin care is use good quality products on your skin not soup because it is to harsh for all skin types , try and get cleansers that are soup free.